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This face pack made of honey-multani mitti to enhance the face, learn the right way to make and apply

You can maintain the glow on the face with regular use of this one homemade face mask. Know which is that face mask that brings glow on the skin and it is also very easy to make...

Not taking care of the face in old age can lead to many skin related problems. Many times people use chemical-rich products so much that instead of benefiting the skin, it causes harm. To keep the face healthy, youthful and glowing for a long time, you should avoid using chemical-rich products more. You should include some home beauty tips in your skin care routine. Regular use of some homemade face masks can maintain the glow on the face.

Apply face pack made of honey-multani mitti on the face

If there is a problem of wrinkles, lines, tanning on the face, then apply a face pack prepared from multani mitti and honey on the face. Take 1 teaspoon of multani mitti. Add half a teaspoon of pure honey to it and mix it. Add little water so that the paste becomes loose. Apply it on the face and let it dry for 20 minutes. Then wash the face with water. You can apply this face pack two to four times a week. The face will look smooth, clean and clear.

Benefits of applying honey-multani mitti face pack on the face

Multani mitti is used to keep the skin as well as hair healthy, soft. By applying multani mitti, the skin becomes soft. The color is clear. Honey nourishes the skin. Moisturizes. Reduces the signs of aging. By mixing these two together, there are many other benefits to the skin.

(Disclaimer: All the information and advice written here has been based on general information only. Before trying any skin related remedies, remedies, please consult a skin specialist, expert.)

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